Smitten with Travel Romantic Comedy Collection: Books 1-3

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Wacky humor. Happily ever afters. Lots of laughs. All the feels.

If hilarious romantic comedies are your jam, you’ll want to check out this collection of three closed door romcoms with plenty of humor, quirky characters, and happily ever afters you’ll swoon over.

Book 1 – Smitten with Ravioli (set in Italy)

Ginny isn’t sure what she’s more scared of—cats that drool or falling for that annoying history professor in her Italian cooking course. Sure, Preston has amazing blue eyes, but he’s an arrogant know-it-all, just like her ex. Will Ginny end up falling for a guy she can’t stand?

Book 2 – Smitten with Croissants (set in France)

When Mia met Pierre, she thought he was just a hot French waiter. Turns out he’s a geeky billionaire. Mia learned the hard way that you can’t trust rich guys. But when she finds herself in Paris, unemployed and homeless, Pierre comes to her rescue. A small-town American girl from the wrong side of the tracks and a smooth-talking, cosmopolitan French billionaire don’t belong together, right? Or do they?

Book 3 – Smitten with Strudel (set in Germany)

When Isabelle took a job working on a European riverboat, the last thing she expected was to be recruited by a covert spy organization. Enter Erich—a devastatingly handsome German guy who reminds Isabelle of James Bond. But Isabelle knows that you should never trust a man who trades in secrets for a living, even if he shares his strudel with you. Cloak-and-dagger relationships are a sure-fire way to heartbreak . . . or will things be different this time?