3 – Poisoned by the Pier

Poisoned by the Pier (to be released on June 28th) – Pre-order your copy on Amazon.

A Mollie McGhie Sailing Mystery #3

What would you do if your hubby announced that he had signed the two of you up for an extreme diet?

Poisoned by the Pier Cover 1000 x 1400 (2)

Life without chocolate and junk food—completely miserable. Finding someone poisoned by a cake—even worse.

Mollie thought she had enough problems to deal with when her husband threw out all of her chocolate and junk food. But when someone is poisoned during a cake baking competition, she’s thrust into another murder investigation.

While she tries to identify the killer, Coconut Cove’s annual boating festival is in full swing. In between getting ready for her first sailing race and cheating on her diet, Mollie and her cat, Mrs. Moto, uncover clues, interview suspects, and do their best to avoid rutabagas.

Can Mollie nab the murderer before someone else is poisoned?

Poisoned by the Pier is the third book in the light, humorous, and original Mollie McGhie cozy sailing mystery series. If you like kooky characters, adorable cats, and plenty of chocolate, you’ll love this cozy mystery. Buy Poisoned by the Pier today and laugh out loud from the first page to the last.

Spoiler Alert: You’ll never look at rutabagas the same way again after you finish reading this book!

Poisoned by the Pier can be read as a standalone book, but you’ll have more fun if you start at the beginning of the series with Murder at the Marina.

Poisoned by the Pier
A Mollie McGhie Sailing Mystery #3
June 2019
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-7321602-6-2
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7321602-7-9
Large Print ISBN: 978-1-7321602-8-6