1 – Murder at the Library

Murder at the Library

North Dakota Library Mysteries – Book #1

A new series set in the quirky and charming town of Why, North Dakota!

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Books can be deadly when in the wrong hands.

When Thea Olson agreed to volunteer at her local library, she anticipated shelving books, not discovering a dead body in the stacks.

Fearing the police chief won’t get to the bottom of the case, Thea investigates the murder with the help of her grandmother and the handsome new library director.

In between dealing with a demanding buffalo, library board politics, and running her own consulting business, Thea tries to discover who the killer is.

But when a mysterious chameleon turns up in the library and uncovers an important clue, Thea realizes she may be in over her head.

Can Thea nab the murderer before someone else ends up dead?

Murder at the Library
North Dakota Library Mysteries #1
eBook ISBN: 978-1-951495-49-7

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