Smitten with Ravioli

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Do you have any phobias? Personally, I’m scared to death of flying, cats who drool, and falling in love with nerdy historians.

The first two are easy enough to cope with. All I have to do is avoid planes and salivating felines.

But not falling for nerdy historians? That’s going to be more of a challenge. When I enrolled in cooking school in Italy, the only thing I thought I’d end up smitten with was ravioli. Then I met fellow cooking student, Nigel Whitaker, and looked into his gorgeous blue eyes.

Yep, you guessed it, Nigel is a history professor who reminds me of my ex—an ambitious know-it-all. He probably has a drooling cat too.

Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention my ex-boyfriend? That’s probably because I’m trying to forget what he did to me—stole my research and accused me of plagiarism, forcing me to drop out of grad school.

Promise me that this will be our little secret, okay? The last thing I want is for Nigel to find out I’m a grad school dropout. That would be so embarrassing. But you know what would be even more embarrassing—if he knew that I get weak in the knees every time he looks at me.

How am I going to make it through the next four weeks without falling for him?

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Smitten with Ravioli
Smitten with Travel Romantic Comedy #1
eBook ISBN: 978-1-951495-07-7
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
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