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Writing Update & Travels in Our Teeny-Tiny Camper | IWSG

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) is a place to share and encourage, where writers can express their doubts and concerns without appearing foolish or weak. It’s a great place to mingle with like minded people each month during IWSG day.

Every month there’s an optional question which may prompt folks to share advice, insights, a personal experience or story. Some folks answer the question in their IWSG blog post or let it inspire them if they’re struggling with what to say.

This month’s question is:

There have been many industry changes in the last decade, so what are some changes you would like to see happen in the next decade?

Check out how people have answered this month’s question, as well as the other insecurities and writing topics they may have shared by visiting the IWSG sign-up list HERE. I opted out of answering the question, instead sharing a quick writing update. Check it out below.

This is going to be a short post as things are a bit frantic in my world. We hit the road in our teeny-tiny camper in the middle of May. Since then we’ve traveled from Florida up to North Dakota, spending time in Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota along the way.

It’s been really hard to concentrate on writing and blogging while traveling, camping, and enjoying the great outdoors, but I’ve been trying my best. It was the same thing when we were traveling on our sailboat – the nomadic life can be a challenge when it comes to focusing on creative projects.

Despite the travel, I have been working on two projects. The first is a Mollie McGhie short story – Buried by the Beach – which will be published in the Mystery Follows Her cozy mystery multi-author anthology coming out on July 23rd. Many, many thanks to all of you who offered to read and review an ARC copy!

The other project is book #5 in my Mollie McGhie cozy mystery series – Shooting by the Sea – due out in August. I’m in the process of finishing it up right now before getting it to my editor. Deadlines are looming and the pressure is on, but I’m having a blast with this story.

I’m looking forward to catching my breath next month once Shooting by the Sea is wrapped up, then I’ll be diving into the next book in my Smitten with Travel rom-com series.

FYI – I may be a bit slower visiting blogs and returning comments, but hopefully things will get back to “normal” and I’ll have a bit more time and headspace next month.

In the meantime, a couple of pictures from our adventures in South Dakota – a bison in Custer State Park and our teeny-tiny camper (“Scamper”) in the Black Hills National Forest.

18 thoughts on “Writing Update & Travels in Our Teeny-Tiny Camper | IWSG”

  1. I try not to worry too much about writing when I travel. Even if you’re not getting words down on paper, you’re having experiences that will benefit your writing in the long run.


  2. Congrats on your short story and upcoming novel release!
    Your trip sounds amazing. What a great way to see the interior of our country.
    And the bison is adorable!


  3. Good to see you back here, and I’m impressed with the amount of writing you are doing! I have lots of experience with travel and trying to write, and certainly haven’t produced like you.


  4. Congrats on your upcoming publications! And that’s great that you’ve found a way to travel safely and squeeze in time to write.


  5. Bison are huge and dangerous! Or, at least I think they are. My sister-in-law lived in Yellowstone for a year (and worked there). She has hair-raising stories to about Bison, deer, and grizzlies. They are all dangerous when they have babies with them.
    And, a huge congratulations on your upcoming publications and all of the writing you are doing!


  6. Love the bison! We saw moose today in Idaho!

    You’re amazing to keep up your writing pace while you travel! Congrats on the new short story – looking forward to reading it once I’m done with my library book.

    And don’t forget you’ll be partying with us this month! But no worries – we will keep Scott entertained while you work on your writing.


  7. Congrats on your short story! Mystery Follows Her sounds like a great read. Can’t wait to hear about some of your real life adventures via Scamper.


  8. It’s great to hear from you (i get concerned when i don’t hear from people.

    Enjoy the writing process, and the travel, and if you ever get to south Louisiana, let me know, i’ll take you out to lunch (and i do mean it).


  9. Another weekly blog challenge I participate in had a travel themed topic this week. We have a travel trailer also, but it’s in storage right now. Can’t wait to get back on the road! Happy and safe travels!


  10. I’ve said it before and I say it again: you are incredible with the amount of writing you produce in short amounts of time. You write books quicker than I read them! As you know, I am VERy familiar with the challenges of creative pursuits (aka writing) and other work while living this nomadic lifestyle. It’s more than travel and making money. The sum of the parts make it crazy challenging. But, you are doing fantastic! Congrats again on the short story and enjoy putting the finishing touches to Shooting by the Sea! I bet that bison viewing came as a surprise.


  11. Hi Ellen,

    Sorry I’ve fallen so behind on your blog. I’m thrilled to hear Mollie will still continue with her adventures, as I’ve really enjoyed those books. I was concerned that when you left the marina, she might as well.

    Sounds like you’ve kept busy! You’ve certainly been very prolific. Has Covid hampered your travels at all, or has everything seemed “normal?”

    Take care, and stay safe!


  12. I love hearing about your adventures! I’ve been off on blogging too, but hopefully come August, I can get back into some sort of schedule. Your story in the anthology is fantastic. I’m working my way through the collection right now. 🙂


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