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Missing Deadlines & Eating Lots of Chocolate | IWSG

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) is a place to share and encourage, where writers can express their doubts and concerns without appearing foolish or weak. It’s a great place to mingle with like minded people each month during IWSG day.

Every month there’s an optional question which may prompt folks to share advice, insights, a personal experience or story. Some folks answer the question in their IWSG blog post or let it inspire them if they’re struggling with what to say.

This month’s question is:

The IWSG’s focus is on our writers. Each month, from all over the globe, we are a united group sharing our insecurities, our troubles, and our pain. So, in this time when our world is in crisis with the covid-19 pandemic, our optional question this month is: how are things in your world?

Check out how people have answered this month’s question, as well as the other insecurities and writing topics they may have shared by visiting the IWSG sign-up list HERE. You can see how I answered the question below.

So, how are you all doing in your neck of the woods? Feeling a little crazy? Stir crazy, perhaps?

I’m definitely feeling the crazy right now, especially the stir crazy. Do you remember my IWSG post from last month – the one where I said that by the time this month rolled around, I’d either be celebrating with chocolate for meeting my deadlines OR commiserating with chocolate because I didn’t meet them?

Well, I failed. I watched as the deadlines came and went while stuffing my face with some delicious dark chocolate Dove candies that a friend gave me. She knows me so well.

In my defense, we had a lot going on – selling our boat (done!), getting all our stuff of the boat (done!), moving the boat into storage for her new owner (done!), preparing our teeny-tiny camper to become our full-time home (done!), and temporarily moving our camper into the campground at the marina (done!).

We also were busy with something immensely more fun then dealing with campers and boats – we got to meet fellow IWSG member, Liesbet from Roaming About, along with her sweet hubby and their adorable dog! So much fun was had and we were super sad to see them leave.

We too had hoped to leave Indiantown Marina here in southern Florida and head out West, first with a stop at Disney Land. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. By the time we were ready to head out, it was apparent that COVID-19 was a pretty big deal. We couldn’t decide what to do – stay or go – so we kept ordering stuff from Amazon for our camper to delay having to make a decision.

Eventually, the pandemic made the decision for us, so here we sit at Indiantown Marina eating lots of chocolate.

In writing news, I obviously missed my deadline for finishing up my romantic comedy, Smitten with Ravioli, but I’m now back on track and hope to have it done this week.

In other news from the writing front, I had scheduled a bunch of price drop promos for Murder at the Marina, the first in my Mollie McGhie cozy mystery series, long before the pandemic. I wasn’t sure how it would go in this new reality of ours, but, so far, they’re going okay. I think people are looking for bargain books in the current economic climate. Whether they’ll go on to buy full-price books in the rest of the series remains to be seen. My guess is probably not so much given financial strains that folks are feeling. On a related note, I’ve been selling a bunch of my large print cozy mysteries – people sure are looking for something to do while cooped up inside.

Well, anyhoo, that’s how things are going here. We’re healthy, we have a place to stay, and we have lots of chocolate. It could be worse.

How are things going for you?

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19 thoughts on “Missing Deadlines & Eating Lots of Chocolate | IWSG”

  1. Hi Ellen. Sounds like you’ve had your hands full preparing, and then actually getting the boat sold. I hope you get back on track with your romantic comedy. Smitten With Ravioli is such a great title!
    Stay safe and enjoy the chocolate!
    Happy IWSG Day!
    P.S. I’m wondering about Simon’s attitude towards the romantic comedy?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think you accomplished huge amounts this last month! Eat the chocolate and be merry! 🙂 Life is necessary for writing – it gives us all the emotional truths to write from or write away from, whichever the case may be. And yes, people are looking for distractions.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We were in the process of moving, too, but we decided to stay put for now. It makes it somewhat easier when you’re familiar with your surroundings, doesn’t it? Not quite so scary.

    And I’m with you on this – “We’re healthy, we have a place to stay, and we have lots of chocolate. It could be worse.”

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sounds like you’ve had so much going on this month. Don’t be too hard on yourself. And then there is the coronavirus that is totally disrupting everyone’s lives. That’s a good reason for a whole bag of chocolate. Hope you get settled into your new home.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Well things are just so crazy now. So exciting that you got to meet Lisbet! And so happy you’ve sold the boat. Well, not really. I thought Ticketyboo was just the coolest thing ever. BUT, I know you’re going to have exciting adventures ahead. And I’m not usually a rom/com reader, but I cannot wait for your Smitten series.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Congrats on getting started on your next adventure in your camper. I think you deserve a pass on meeting deadlines. You had deadlines of a higher priority to deal with. We’re doing fine. We’ll be heading home to Michigan for the summer, leaving Florida this weekend. Hate to leave the sunshine. When we get home we won’t be able to hug our kids! Looking forward to your new book!! NOW’s the time to write it.
    JQ Rose

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  7. Glad to hear you’ve settled in-ish, and as long as the chocolate flows, all is good. Good luck getting the writing done!


  8. Wow, you’ve had a lot on your plate! I believe congrats are in order for getting anything done at all 🙂 And now… you get to try to write while sharing a tiny camper with your husband? Good luck!


  9. Sounds like you’re ready to embark on new adventures! We’ve done a much, much smaller version of this by moving our teen daughter to a new bedroom and switching around my husband’s office and the guest room/craft room/storage room to make a sewing space for her, as well. Good luck with everything!


  10. One of the last times we went grocery shopping I grabbed an extra package of chocolate chips I didn’t need. I’m not one to buy chocolate bars but I can sit down and finish a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips in no time.

    Hopefully this will be a good time for ebooks and I’m sure a few bathing hunting curious readers will want to find out what happens with Mollie next.

    Looking forward to Smitten with Ravioli. I love ravioli. Have you ever had toasted ravioli? It’s a St. Louis thing.

    Stay safe. The west will be here )and maybe Disneyland too) when things go back to normal.


  11. You have had an incredibly busy month of March and while you didn’t meet the writing deadline, you met the other twenty deadlines, so well done. By the way, how come I never saw (or better, tasted) any of that chocolate? 🙂

    It was so awesome to meet you both and have you cheer up our less than ideal month. Thanks for the mention! And, hopefully we can all hook up again out west later this year.


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