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Writing while Crazy Busy & Slightly Stressed Out | IWSG

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) is a place to share and encourage, where writers can express their doubts and concerns without appearing foolish or weak. It’s a great place to mingle with like minded people each month during IWSG day.

Every month there’s an optional question which may prompt folks to share advice, insights, a personal experience or story. Some folks answer the question in their IWSG blog post or let it inspire them if they’re struggling with what to say.

This month’s question is:

Other than the obvious holiday traditions, have you ever included any personal or family traditions/customs in your stories?

Check out how people have answered this month’s question, as well as the other insecurities and writing topics they may have shared by visiting the IWSG sign-up list HERE. I opted not to answer this month’s question. Instead, I’m sharing thoughts on writing while crazy busy and slightly stressed out. Check it out below.

So yeah you can probably tell from the title of this blog post that I’ve got a lot going on. Trying to sell a sailboat, getting our teeny-tiny camper ready to move into, and meeting writing deadlines has me more than a little crazy busy.

We’ve had an offer on our boat (yay!), but until we close in mid-April, I see the money in the bank, and the papers are signed, I’ll be slightly stressed out. We’re planning on putting our boat in storage in mid-March and then hitting the road in our camper which means there’s a big list of items on the old To Do list.

One of those items is to finish writing Smitten with Ravioli by mid-March. Did you notice how that deadline is the same deadline as the one to move out of our boat and into our camper? Can it all be done by then? Tune in next month and see. My IWSG blog post will either be titled, “There’s Not Enough Chocolate to Deal with My Failure to Meet Deadlines” or “Celebrating with Lots of Chocolate for Meeting My Deadlines.” Either way, there’s going to be lots of chocolate.

So because I’ve got a lot to do, I’m going to have to end things here. I may be delayed in responding to comments and visiting your sites, but I’ll do my best.

Oh, by the way, did you know I have two books up for pre-order? Smitten with Ravioli is due to come out in July, but that date will likely be moved forward to May or June. Shooting by the Sea has an August release date.

Ginny isn’t sure what she’s most afraid of – cats who drool or falling for an annoying history professor.

Pre-order at: Amazon (US) | Amazon (CA) | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (AU) | Barnes & Noble | Apple Books

*Available on Kobo and Google Play closer to release

In her latest investigation, Mollie ends up doing some crazy things like giving the chief of police a pedicure and teaching her cat to play the ukulele.

Pre-order at: Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (CA) | Amazon (AU) | Barnes & Noble | Apple Books

*Available on Kobo and Google Play closer to release

What’s going on in your world? Anything stressing you out? Are you crazy busy?

18 thoughts on “Writing while Crazy Busy & Slightly Stressed Out | IWSG”

  1. That is a lot going on at once! And a lot of changes. I find change very stressful, myself.

    Congrats on the upcoming releases! Let me know if you’d like a spot on the blog. The guest calendar is booked until late-June, but that might work for you if you’d like it!

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  2. Awesome that you have a buyer for your boat. Don’t be too hard on yourself with your writing when you have so much else going on in your personal life. We all go through these times. Just like a job where you have to take time off to deal with things, you may have to move your deadline.

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  3. Yep, crazy busy here, too – moving, etc. But you are a braver woman than I am with those writing deadlines. I’m struggling all over the place. Sigh. But there’s an end in sight! And chocolate. Yeh for the chocolate!

    Good luck, Ellen! You’ll make it all work, no doubt here! 🙂

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  4. Yay to having a buyer for that boat! Wow. You really are being courageous with giving yourself those deadlines. I’ll be here cheering for you! (And love that title!)

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  5. You are crazy busy! Congrats on the two new upcoming releases. And what an adventure ahead of you in the camper. Like you with chocolate, wine is my go-to for celebrations or lamentations. Either way, it’s all good. 🙂

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  6. Congratulations on the sale of your sailboat. I can see why you’d put her in storage. Here’s what I tell myself when I’m overwhelmed with a busy schedule, “I have all the time I need.” You’re smart and strong. It’ll be OK.

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  7. Smitten with Ravioli is a priceless title!
    and yay for the offer on your boat
    keep writing! life doesn’t slow down unless we make it =)

    and thanks for supporting my Beast World campaign! you’re fabulous for helping me amongst your chaos! XOXO

    Tara Tyler Talks

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  8. Yep, you are crazy busy! But, I think you work well under pressure, so you’ll get it all done in time. I hope we won’t be too much of a distraction… When it rains, it pours. But, it’s all good stuff! I’ve been busy myself the last few weeks, so I understand your predicaments! See you soon!!

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