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Working on a draft of my cozy mystery at anchor.

Yes, I’m pretty darn lucky. I live on a sailboat and get to work on my writing while sitting in beautiful anchorages.

When we’re at anchor, one of my favorite places to work is in the cockpit of our boat. I can watch what’s going on while getting some words down on paper.

There are two downsides of writing outside — being distracted by dolphins and the glare on my computer screen. Yeah, I know, dolphins are never a downside. They’re one of the coolest parts of cruising on a sailboat. And I guess I shouldn’t really complain about the sun. That’s what feeds our solar panels and provides energy to power things like my laptop.

Depending on solar power (or a generator when the sun isn’t shining) is a quirk of having my writing office on our sailboat. If you write on land (or you’re connected to shore power at a marina), you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to charge your laptop. Electricity is plentiful and always available.

At anchor, we have to watch very carefully how many amps our equipment is drawing. Too much demand and too little supply could mean that we drain our batteries, which would be a very bad thing.

But it’s these little quirks of living on a sailboat that makes it so interesting and such a great place to write.

Where do you work on your creative projects?

6 thoughts on “The Writing Process | My Office”

  1. Sounds like a great place to write! I find it really hard to concentrate while working in the cockpit, especially in Marsh Harbour. There is just too much to watch! I have a stand up desk in our cabin. If I’m sitting down and staring out the window, I don’t get anything done.

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  2. I used to write from the same place, only on my boat. Now I have a tiny studio on land but I’d like to go back to a boat or find a place I’m not sharing with two others.

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  3. Ah, the difficulty of having to watch the power usage – my old laptop couldn’t run two things at once because the poor thing was ancient! Got a new one for Christmas and love the smooth sailing!

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