Writing Inspiration | Press-On Nails

Press On Nails (800x449)

Sometimes, inspiration for my writing can come from most unlikely places. Like the time I was walking through Walmart, looking for moisturizer, when I stumbled across a display of press-on nails. I was mesmerized by all of the colors, patterns, and designs. For a few moments, I was tempted to buy some and add instant glamour to my life.

Then I remembered that I live on a sailboat. Boat life can be hard on your nails, especially when you’re in the midst of boat projects. Long nails and manicures aren’t all that practical for me. So, I put the sparkly nails back on the rack.

While I continued with my shopping, I thought about press-on nails and a wedding we attended many years ago. One woman started off the evening with long nails, but by the end of the evening, after one too many glasses of champagne, she had pulled them all off, scattering a few on the floor.

I tossed a couple of chocolate bars into my cart and wondered if I could somehow incorporate press-on nails into my cozy mystery, Murder at the Marina Ideas kept running through my head — What if a press-on nail was found at a murder scene? Who would that implicate? What color would the nail be?

Before I knew it, I had the makings of a new scene fleshed out. I picked up a bag of spinach to counteract the chocolate bars, hit the check-out line, and headed back to the boat to get it all down on paper. Who knew grocery shopping could be so inspiring.

What inspires your creative pursuits?

9 thoughts on “Writing Inspiration | Press-On Nails”

  1. Wal-Mart is so terrifying the only inspiration I feel is to get out and start ordering things on Amazon.
    It would be really handy if you could reuse snap on nails; snap them on Friday at 6pm and snap them off Friday at 7pm, then set them aside for next week’s wild late night party.


  2. It’s interesting where our inspiration comes from. I had moments when I came up with scenes and character inspirations from people I interact with while working. I remember one time, on a delivery, I saw a woman in a black dress walking, carrying a purse or something. Immediately, I thought of different scenarios I could put her through.


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